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INTERGEM 2023: New exhibitors set accents – ticket sales started

Idar-Oberstein. Additionally to the well-known and highly reputated companies from the region such as Groh + Ripp, Karl Faller, HC Arnoldi we are welcoming interesting and exciting new exhibitors at INTERGEM 2023.

Knowledge and expertise about the still relatively unknown element osmium, the rarest precious metal of the world, will be provided by the Osmium Institute and Oslery GmbH. It has only be possible to produce flat crystalline osmium in Switzerland in a controlled manner since 2014. The sparkling surfaces are perfect for the production of jewellery and watches. In the USA crystalline osmium is also called the sunshine element because of its special reflection. Brands like Ulysee Nardin, Hublot or Czapek have already produced watches with the last of the precious metals. Due to its density (the highest of all elements) and its distinctive crystal structure, the precious metal in its crystalline form is absolutely forgery-proof. Its rarity and its wonderful blue-silver shine also makes osmium an interesting future investment that can also be worn as beautiful jewellery. Scarlett Clauss, Managing Director of Oslery GmbH and Vice Director of the Osmium Institute, will be available personally at INTERGEM 2023. Lectures on this special topic will be given at the stand in the foyer on Saturday at 2 pm and on Sunday at 11 am.

Parcel Broker presents itself as the perfect partner for valuable logistics. With 20 years of experience in global transport, Parcel Broker offers above all a perfect IT connection, automatic consignment assignment as well as maximum transparency in shipping for the client and recipient. Thus, the export customs declaration works with just one click, the goods are picked up at the desired location at the desired time and there is a personal contact person who can be reached directly. The customer receives transparent documentation, a seamless security system throughout the entire transport chain and an API interface for his merchandise management or shop software. Shipping partners are UPS and FedEX. During an on-site meeting, visitors can find out about all the advantages and the exact process of shipping goods with Parcel Broker and also order shipments directly.

A special newcomer at INTERGEM is a young company from Berlin: CALEA Diamonds – one of the first companies to show diamonds at INTERGEM 2023 that were created entirely in the laboratory.  CALEA is a brand of Schilhabel GmbH. Schilhabel GmbH started with the construction of solar systems. CALEA has the vision to make the diamond production process sustainable by using solar energy. Companies like CALEA offer an alternative. Every stone produced at CALEA has a clear origin and a traceable production path. The combination of solar know-how and jeweller’s art is an example of how sustainability and beauty can go hand in hand.

INTERGEM 2023, which will take place from 29 September to 1 October at Messe Idar-Oberstein, offers an online ticket shop. Tickets can be ordered there from now on! Online tickets ensure direct access at the trade fair without waiting.  Just go to or via direct link

Download Press release and pictures: Press release- New exhibitors set accents – ticket sales started

INTERGEM 2023, 29 September – 01 October


  1. Oslery Stand
  2. Crystalline osmium
  3. Rings by Calea Diamonds
  4. Sascha Hagedorn, Managing Director Parcel Broker
  5. Scarlett Claus, Managing Director Oslery GmbH

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Intergem Messe GmbH
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