Demidoff Co., Ltd

Demidoff Co., Ltd
Russisan Demantoid is gorgeous, rare and one of the most precious of all gemstones.
Unique features of Russian Demantoid are richness of its shades and transitions of green color – from a pure emerald green to bright golden hues, diamond like brilliance, increasing under artificial lights, and dispersion. Thin hair-like inclusions, „Horsetails“, are one of the diagnostic criteria for Russian Demantoid increasing its value.

Demidoff Co, LTD is an exclusive distributor of Russian Demantoid and the owner of the deposit in Ural region of Russia, where the most valuable Demantoid garnet comes from. In our assortment you can find wide range of calibrated Demantoids from 1mm and up, exclusive collection of big sizes Demantoids 3ct up, wide range of colors from dark emerald green to yellowish green. All our stones are cut in Russia.

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