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INTERGEM 2022 - Deutsches Edelstein Museum - Foto © Intergem, Vincent Dommer
INTERGEM 2022 - Deutsches Edelstein Museum - Foto © Intergem, Vincent Dommer

The Premiere of the „Long Night of Gemstones“

The premiere of the “Long Night of the Gemstones“, which was organised and took place in the scope of the INTERGEM for the first time, was a big success. On the Saturday evening of the fair the six prominent institutions and locations of the jewellery and gemstone sector in Idar-Oberstein opened their doors in a pleasant evening ambience with accompanying musical and culinary programme. They enabled unique insights unto the long history of the jewellery and gemstone industry in Idar-Oberstein as well as the current state of the art in research and science.

Interest in the Long Night of the Gemstones far exceeded expectations. The German Gemstone Museum alone welcomed over 300 visitors. All tours of the German Gemstone Museum, The Jakob Bengel Industrial Monument and the gemstone mine Steinkaulenberg were fully booked. Over 100 visitors attended the Jakob Bengel Industrial Monument. At the Gemmologisches Institut 50 interested visitors were informed about the latest status regarding research. This served to establish a link between the INTERGEM and the city and region. Something like this can only be found in Idar-Oberstein.

Many thanks to all institutions involved:

The Steinkaulenberg Mine

German Gemstone Museum

German Mineral Museum

Industrial Monument Bengel

The Weiherschleife Grinding

German Gemmological Association

Next year we will see the 39th INTERGEM and the second Long Night of Gemstones.

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