The INTERGEM is a trade exhibition and reserved exclusively for trade visitors.

You can now register in advance with the Trade visitor registration form. Even simpler is the online registration on the right side. Naturally, you can also register on site.

For registration we require each visitor to provide a completed form and a copy of their ID card or passport.

In addition, we also request proof that you work in the field of gemstones, jewellery, pearls, watches or similar. A business card is not enough; suitable proof includes a copy of your trading licence, master’s certificate or certificate of apprenticeship, enrolment certificate, training certificate.

You can upload your proof of identity and occupation with online registration as JPG or PDF file.

The following are regarded as trade visitors:

  • Gemstone cutters and engravers
  • Gemstone setters
  • Gold and silversmiths
  • Jewellery designers
  • Mineralogists / gemologists
  • Jewellers / specialist retailers
  • Jewellery galleries
  • Students at sector-related vocational schools
  • Members of sector-related trade associations



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