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Beware, it’s a trap! Avoid paying for an “Expo-Guide” offer!

Achtung!Warning! Numerous exhibitors have been asked to compare, complete or correct their company details on a form for a so-called “Expo-Guide”. This is claimed to be necessary in order to update the details in the exhibitor directory.
In actual fact, companies completing the order (!)form of “Expo-Guide” and returning it find that they have signed a three-year contract for the publication of company details. The costs for this are an annual (!) 1,181 euros.

We would like to hereby expressly point out:

  • “Expo-Guide” is not a medium of INTERGEM Messe GmbH.
  • INTERGEM GmbH has no contractual relationship with “Expo-Guide” whatsoever.
  • INTERGEM GmbH has neither authorised nor in any other way arranged for “Expo-Guide” to approach INTERGEM exhibitors in order to update details for an exhibitor directory.

If it proves necessary to update your details for the official catalogue, please contact us directly: You can reach us Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm on + 49 67 81 56 87 22-00. Or use our Contact form.

Die AUMA über Expo-Guide (in german language)
Merkblatt der AUMA über Ausstellerverzeichnisse (PDF, in german language)

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