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Welcome to the 36th INTERGEM, 2 – 5 October 2020

Dear gemstone and jewellery lovers,

we trust that you have safely weathered the crisis and that you and your loved ones are healthy and well.

We are happy to inform you that the INTERGEM 2020 trade fair will be permitted to take place.

The INTERGEM team has developed a complete safety concept to ensure that the trade fair is as safe as possible by keeping infection risk to a minimum for everyone involved – exhibitors, contractors, and employees. As an example, the whole foyer will be used as a cashier’s office and registration area to ensure proper social distancing. We will be using part of the outdoor area for catering.

Face protection must be worn throughout the venue; exhibitors are responsible for compliance with statutory regulations at their own booths. 

A Show Guide will be produced and sent in September to potential visitors around four weeks before the INTERGEM trade fair as in previous years.

The INTERGEM team is confident that the situation will improve further in the autumn and INTERGEM will be able to take place at an ideal time for you to prepare your business for the christmas season.

SAVE THE DATE for Gemstones, Jewellery and Design.

INTERGEM, „The World’s Finest Colours“


Opening hours:

Friday, 02 Oct. – Sunday, 04 Oct. 2020

  • daily from 9:30 am – 6:00 pm

Monday, 05 Oct. 2020

  • from 9:30 am – 5: 00 pm


Admission prices (incl. catalogue):

Day ticket € 19,00
Supplementary ticket for following day € 10,00
Reduced rate day ticket* € 14,00
Groups of 25 people and over* € 12,00
Catalogue €   5,00

* vocational school pupils, vocational college students, trainees in the gemstone & jewellery sector


Online Tickets

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At the heart of the market: INTERGEM offers opportunities for exhibitors.

„The World’s Finest Colours“ – The INTERGEM is a globally-renowned trade fair for gemstones, gemstone jewellery and objects as well as processing and manufacturing technology. Since 1985 the national and international jewellery and gemstone sector has met each autumn in the German gemstone capital Idar-Oberstein.

Facts & figures:

  • over 120 exhibitors
  • 5,000 square metres of exhibition space
  • 3,500 trade visitors from 25 countries
  • INTERGEM special: Forum: Design and Forum: Gemstone Carving
  • extensive support programme



068intergem_do-03.10_1ebef3 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
068intergem_do-03.10_1ebef3 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
051intergem_do-03.10_1ebee2 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
054intergem_do-03.10_1ebee5 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
074intergem_do-03.10_1ebef9 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
005intergem_do-03.10_1ebeb4 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
076intergem_do-03.10_1ebefb - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
071intergem_do-03.10_1ebef6 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
066intergem_do-03.10_1ebef1 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
002intergem_do-03.10_1ebeb1 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
058intergem_do-03.10_1ebee9 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
001intergem_do-03.10_1ebeb0 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
044intergem_do-03.10_1ebedb - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
026intergem_do-03.10_1ebec9 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
048intergem_do-03.10_1ebedf - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
050intergem_do-03.10_1ebee1 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
008intergem_do-03.10_1ebeb7 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
039intergem_do-03.10_1ebed6 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
040intergem_do-03.10_1ebed7 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
042intergem_do-03.10_1ebed9 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
034intergem_do-03.10_1ebed1 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
031intergem_do-03.10_1ebece - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
047intergem_do-03.10_1ebede - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
019intergem_do-03.10_1ebec2 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
037intergem_do-03.10_1ebed4 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
022intergem_do-03.10_1ebec5 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
027intergem_do-03.10_1ebeca - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
025intergem_do-03.10_1ebec8 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
045intergem_do-03.10_1ebedc - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
003intergem_do-03.10_1ebeb2 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
029intergem_do-03.10_1ebecc - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
036intergem_do-03.10_1ebed3 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
020intergem_do-03.10_1ebec3 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
010intergem_do-03.10_1ebeb9 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
011intergem_do-03.10_1ebeba - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
012intergem_do-03.10_1ebebb - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
013intergem_do-03.10_1ebebc - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
014intergem_do-03.10_1ebebd - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
015intergem_do-03.10_1ebebe - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
049intergem_do-03.10_1ebee0 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
097intergem_do-03.10_1ebe86 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
100intergem_do-03.10_1ebe89 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
094intergem_do-03.10_1ebe83 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
113intergem_do-03.10_1ebe96 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
127intergem_do-03.10_1ebea4 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
095intergem_do-03.10_1ebe84 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
132intergem_do-03.10_1ebea9 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
102intergem_do-03.10_1ebe8b - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
134intergem_do-03.10_1ebeab - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
126intergem_do-03.10_1ebea3 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
136intergem_do-03.10_1ebead - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
112intergem_do-03.10_1ebe95 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
124intergem_do-03.10_1ebea1 - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
106intergem_do-03.10_1ebe8f - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL
117intergem_do-03.10_1ebe9a - Foto (c) HERBERT PIEL

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Here you can find the complete INTERGEM service for journalists: accreditation, press material, general information.

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More than a show

„More than a show“ is the motto of the INTERGEM. The support programme demonstrates this in many different facets. It offers visitors and exhibitors information & inspiration, further training and entertainment, new ideas and interdisciplinary exchange. Personal contact included.
At this years INTERGEM we are presenting interesting topics and events.



Messe Idar-Oberstein
John-F.-Kennedy-Straße 9
55743 Idar-Oberstein

Google Maps

Frankfurt Airport (FRA):
approx. 127 km distant, direct rail link to Idar-Oberstein

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN):
approx. 36 km distant

Idar-Oberstein Airfield (EDRG):
Airfield for private planes and helicopters, approx. 8 km distant

Idar-Oberstein Railway Station
approx. 5 km distant, direct link to the Nahetal line between Saarbrücken and Frankfurt/Main,
free shuttle bus to Messe Idar-Oberstein

Idar-Oberstein Tourist Information offers an accommodation search facility on its website. Accommodation can be booked simply using this.

Accommodation search of the town of Idar-Oberstein

During the INTERGEM visitors can make use of a free shuttle bus, which travels between Messe Idar-Oberstein and the town at 30-minute intervals.

Shuttle bus timetable (PDF)