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Autumn 2022

“The World’s Finest Colours” – the finest gems, captivating jewellery, fascinating objets d’art: Goldsmiths and designers, jewellers and dealers, scientists and researchers from across the globe will be converging at this exquisite trade fair – a unique experience with traditional gemstone crafts amidst the atmosphere of Germany’s gemstone capital, Idar-Oberstein.

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Intergem Magazine 2021 (german)


Workshop Katerina Perez_Foto Heike Rost
Uwe Groth_Foto Heike Rost
Ulrike Weyrich_Foto Heike Rost
Ulrike Weyrich_Foto Fernando Baptista
Torben Skov Pearls_Foto Heike Rost
Torben Pearl Show mit Tahiti-Perlen. Hand gravierte Perlen mit dem Tiki-Gott_Foto Fernando Baptista
SSP Steidle_Foto Heike Rost
Schmuckshow_vorne Günter Weinz GmbH_hinten Tom Munster_Foto Heike Rost
Schmuckshow_Ulrike Weyrich_Foto Heike Rost
Schmuckshow_Ulrike Weyrich_Foto Heike Rost (2)
Schmuckshow Guenter-Weinz-GmbH_Foto Fernando Baptista
Schmuckshow_Foto Fernando-Baptista
Schmuckshow_Edelsteinunikate Andrea Sohne_Foto Heike Rost
Schmuckshow Atelier Tom Munsteiner_Foto Fernando Baptista
Richard Hans Becker_Foto Heike Rost
Messerundgang_Karl Faller e.K._Daniela Schmitt und Frank Frühauf_Foto Heike Rost
Messerundgang Hans D. Krieger_Foto Heike Rost
Messerundgang Günter Effgen GmbH_Foto Heike Rost
Katerina Perez_Foto Heike Rost
INTERGEM_Foto Fernando-Baptista
INTERGEM 2021_Foto Heike Rost
Intergem 2021 – Schmuckmodenschau mit der Deutschen Edelsteinkönigin Bettina Regner_Foto Heike Rost
Helmut-Wolf_Foto Heike Rost
Gustav O. Hahn_Foto Fernando Baptista
Groh + Ripp_Foto Heike Rost
INTERGEM 2021_ Foto Fernando Baptista
Fotostudio CH Photodesign_Foto Heike Rost
INTERGEM 2021_Foto Fernando Baptista
INTERGEM 2021_Foto Fernando Baptista
Eröffnung und Rundgang durch Frau Daniela Schmitt Ministerin für Wirtschaft, Verkehr, Landwirtschaft und Weinbau Rheinland-Pfalz_Foto Fernando Baptista.jpg
DiamondGroup_Foto Heike Rost
DiamondGroup_Foto Heike Rost (2)
Diamant durch Lupe_Gustav O. Hahn_Foto Fernando Baptista
Barbara Haas_Foto Heike Rost
Alessio Sorrentino_Foto Heike Rost
A. Ruppenthal KG_Foto Heike Rost

Autumn 2022

Friday  9.30 AM – 6.00 PM
Saturday  9.30 AM – 6.00 PM
Sunday  9.30 AM – 6.00 PM
Monday  9.30 AM – 5.00 PM
Day ticket including GZplus
 € 13,50
Extra ticket for the following day
 € 13,50
Day ticket, reduced prize *
 € 9,50

* Students at technical schools, colleges and universities, and trainees in the gemstone and jewellery industry

INTERGEM is a specialist trade fair, and entrance is restricted to trade visitors only.

Register using our online form now if this will be your first time at INTERGEM. We require a fully completed form for each visitor.

We would also ask you to provide us with documentation of your involvement in gemstones, jewellery, pearls, watchmaking, mineralogy or similar. A copy of your trade licence, professional certificate or diploma from a registered guild or equivalent, certificate of school enrolment or university matriculation or documentation of training count as documentation; sorry, we do not accept business cards.

You may upload your identification and documentation of professional involvement in JPG or PDF format when registering online.

The following will be admitted:

Stonesetters and gemcutters, goldsmiths and silversmiths, jewellery designers, gemologists, mineralogists, engravers and specialist dealers as well as students from related technical schools and colleges, members of corresponding trade associations, jewellery galleries, gemstone industry suppliers and similar.

Advance sales for INTERGEM 2022 will start about 8 weeks before the trade fair via our ticket shop.

The list of exhibitors of INTERGEM 2022 will be published here around 8 weeks before the the trade fair.

INTERGEM was a success last year despite the pandemic thanks to:

  • A proven infection control policy for exhibitors and visitors
  • Generously dimensioned trade fair grounds and wide aisles
  • Powerful ventilation system in all halls, disinfectant dispensers placed in sufficient numbers throughout the trade fair grounds
  • Contactless ticket booking and entrance management
  • Comfortable parking situation

All infection control measures apply to exhibitors and visitors for the duration of the trade fair. Short-term changes may apply due to changes in regulations controlling the spread of COVID-19.

Corona infection protection – handout pdf-icon 

Foto © Carla Martinesi
Regional concept for catering

The INTERGEM has utilized the last months to work on the concept of the exhibition…

Karl Faller
Karl Faller: Sustainability is more important than ever

Since three generations the name Karl Faller e.K. stands for perfect craftsmanship combined with the…

Kristall Deluxe
IG Partner: Berghotel Kristall

The Berghotel Kristall, with its 27 modern rooms and wonderfully peaceful location with view over…



  • Special jewellery area in Hall 2 with an special atmosphere
  • New and attractive open booth designs with large-format visuals created with the trade fair construction partner we have been working with for years
  • New elegant showcase presentation options including the jewellery area
  • Sunday at the trade fair as a purchasing opportunity for selected premium customers of goldsmiths and jewellers
  • Supporting programme with trade presentations, seminars and live jewellery shows with our friendly experts from the region
  • New social media design including the exhibitors and trade visitors that best know and represent INTERGEM


  • First relevant trade fair in autumn 2021 on German trade fair calendar
  • First in the entire value chain as a USP for the region
  • As first platform for Idar-Oberstein’s excellence

The exhibitor registration documents for INTERGEM 2022 will soon be available for download here.


Advance sales for INTERGEM 2022 will start about 8 weeks before the trade fair via our ticket shop.

Caution! This is a small business scam. Expo Guide is a paid service.Achtung!
Many of our exhibitors have been asked to check their company information for a supposed “Expo Guide” and make any corrections or fill any missing information using a form. “Expo Guide” claims that exhibitors need to update the data for the exhibitor directory.
In reality, you will be filling out and returning an “Expo Guide” order form for a three-year paid contract to publish your company’s information. This will cost you more than a thousand euros a year.

We expressly state:

  • We at INTERGEM Messe GmbH have nothing to do with “Expo Guide”.
  • We at INTERGEM GmbH do not have any contractual relationship with “Expo Guide”.
  • We at INTERGEM GmbH have done nothing to authorise or otherwise give cause for “Expo Guide” to approach INTERGEM exhibitors to update their information for any exhibitor directory.

Please contact us directly if you need to update your information for the official catalogue.

Information from the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA eV) on Expo Guide
AUMA leaflet on exhibitor directories pdf-icon 


INTERGEM and Idar-Oberstein are FIRST – with a supporting programme covering gemstones and jewellery, including live crafts demonstrations, a jewellery show, trade presentations and training courses with experts from the region.
We will be posting details on the supporting programme of INTERGEM 2021 here shortly.

The detailed supporting program for INTERGEM 2022 can be found here around 8 weeks before the trade fair.

THE Region


08 Thomas Leyser - Foto © Heike Rost
PRESS – Intergem 2021: Les signaux d’un nouveau départ

Nouvelle équipe, nouveau concept, davantage d’exposants : L'Intergem de cette année, qui s'est déroulée du…

08 Thomas Leyser - Foto © Heike Rost
PRESS – Intergem 2021: Signs of a new dawn

New team, new concept, more exhibitors: this year’s Intergem from 24 to 27 September was…

Special Guest - Katerina Perez @ INTERGEM 2021
Press – Dernière ligne droite pour l’INTERGEM

IDAR-OBERSTEIN. Le travail de la responsable du projet INTERGEM 2021, Selina Schmidt, porte ses fruits…

Please use the following online form to apply for journalist accreditation at INTERGEM. Fill it out completely and use the upload function to attach a copy of your press ID or editorial assignment.

More information required? Write us an e-mail at office@intergem.de or call us on +49 6781 568722-00.


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    * „I have read and acknowledged your Privacy Policy I hereby consent to my personal information that I have entered in the contact form being processed for the sole purpose of processing and responding to my request.“

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    THE Team

    Our INTERGEM team will be happy to help wherever you might require support.

    Mirko Arend

    Mirko Arend
    +49 6781  568721 20

    Selina Schmidt

    Selina Schmidt
    project manager
    +49 6781  568721 28

    Ellen Franzmann-Conradt

    Ellen Franzmann-Conradt
    project manager
    +49 6781  568721 26

    Horst Ogait

    Horst Ogait
    facility management
    +49 6781  568721 34

    Many thanks for your interest in INTERGEM.
    We welcome your suggestions and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

    INTERGEM Messe GmbH
    John-F.-Kennedy-Straße 9
    55743 Idar-Oberstein

    +49 6781 – 568722 – 00
    +49 6781 – 568721 – 72

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      * „I have read and acknowledged your Privacy Policy I hereby consent to my personal information that I have entered in the contact form being processed for the sole purpose of processing and responding to my request.“

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      Messe Idar-Oberstein
      John-F.-Kennedy-Straße 9
      55743 Idar-Oberstein

      Google Maps

      Frankfurt Airport (FRA):
      Around 127 km, direct railway link to Idar-Oberstein

      Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN):
      Around 36 km

      Idar-Oberstein Airfield (EDRG):
      Airfield for private planes and helicopters, around 8 km

      Idar-Oberstein Railway Station
      Around 5 km, direct connection to the Nahetal route between Saarbrücken and Frankfurt/Main, a free shuttle will take you to Idar-Oberstein Trade Fair

      A free shuttle bus will be available during the INTERGEM trade fair every half hour between the Idar-Oberstein trade fair and town.

      Shuttle to Fairground

      Shuttle from Fairground 

      Shuttle from/to Fairground 

      You will find your well-deserved rest after a strenuous day at the fair in one of the well-equipped hotels, a cozy guesthouse or an individual holiday apartment.

      Find an accomodation

      Why not try our Idar-Oberstein spit roast, Hunsruck speciality filled dumplings and enjoy a sparkling wine from the Nahe.

      Find a restaurant

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